Random Thought

I’m not a professional writer. I’m barely an amateur.

This blog is dedicated to everyone everywhere who says “I’d love to write a blog but have no idea how to get started”, because I am now living proof that writing your thoughts on the internet takes no real level of professionalism. Or talent. Or even coherent thought.

As I continually post my thoughts on many random subjects from politics (oh dear god, please no) to religion (yikes) to ending the workday by pulling radioactive tumbleweeds from under my car, hopefully I am at least able to capture the essence of the thought in a coherent way and spark conversation that will spread across the world. You know, viral, not unlike a virus, but more “leave Brittany alone” and less “ebola”.

Please feel free to share, leave tasteful yet insightful comments (no, we don’t want to hear about how you make $500/hr working from home), or tell me privately what you think. I’d love for you to say hi. And if you want to make me aware of something to alert the world, please tell me!


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