About This Site

From the mind of Kevin Easton, this site attempts to make sense of a world around us that most of us struggle to understand. Or at least make fun of it.

This site will name names. This site will discuss topics that are uncomfortable to some people. This site will cover a lot of topics with opinions you may not agree with.

What this site is NOT is a one-way conversation. This site should start discussions. Please continue the discussions in the comments for each post, but PLEASE keep it civil. While I am not a fan of censorship, I’m┬ánot above bannination for trolls, those who abuse others, or off topic rambling.

This site comes to you from Bloomington, Indiana, and yes, some of the topics may be somewhat locally focused. But hopefully they span geographic limits and will spur discussions on the issues in your own town.

About the author: Kevin is a writer, public speaker, small business owner, and generally nice guy.